Fire and Smoke Damage Repair &  Restoration

It’s devastating when you’re dealing with fire and smoke damage in your home or office. On top of the property damage, you’re worried about your irreplaceable possessions and memories. When you call us for fire and smoke restoration help, we respond with a sense of urgency and compassion.

Fire and smoke damage restoration services

As soon as the fire is out, it’s crucial to begin smoke and fire damage repairs as soon as possible. After we’re done, you won’t see or smell any signs of a fire.

Our fire restoration services include:

  • Inspect and assess fire damage
  • Add roof tarp and board-up, if needed
  • Remove smoke, soot and odor
  • Perform thorough cleaning, sanitation and air purification
  • Remove items as needed for cleaning and restoring
  • Remove carpet and padding, if needed
  • Help with insurance claims
  • Extract water and dry areas completely, if needed

Why choose Rainy Day Restoration for fire restoration and repair?

Our trained team, experience and professional-grade equipment will ensure a faster clean-up and restoration. With specialized equipment and cleaning techniques, we can save your valuable possessions.


Act fast:

Timing is vital. After a quick and complete assessment for the most efficient solution, we get right to work.
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Use professional-grade fire damage restoration equipment:

After the work is done, you won’t see or smell any remains of the fire.

Help with your insurance claims:

No doubt, a fire is devastating. Who wants to deal with insurance on top of that? We’re familiar with the filing claims process and we can take this off your hands to get your claim settled quickly.

Apply efficient techniques and experience in restoring your property

We have years of experience in restoring homes and offices after fire and smoke damage.

If you have fire or smoke damage in your home or office, call us now:

The sooner we start fire restoration services, the greater likelihood of restoring your property.

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

No matter what causes water damage or flooding in your home or office, it can be traumatic. Just call us as soon as you can and we’ll respond quickly. Our professionals who specialize in water damage and restoration will immediately assess and fix the problem to minimize property damage.

Our water damage restoration pros can help with these scenarios:

  • Overflowing sinks, bathtubs and toilets
  • Septic tank line and sewage backups
  • Leaking water lines, appliances, water heaters and pipes
  • Washing machine or dishwasher flooding
  • Flooding and leaks from heavy rain, tornados and storms

If you have flooding or water damage in your home or office, call us now:


Water restoration and repair services

Rainy Day Restoration offers a variety of water damage repair and restoration services for homes and businesses. You can call us anytime as our emergency services are available 24/7.

We offer these services to restore your property:

  • Assess water damage
  • Ensure complete water extraction
  • Dry affected areas including carpet, walls, furniture and padding
  • Clean and restore possessions such as books, documents, clothes and linens
  • Locate and repair water leaks
  • Help with insurance claims
  • Complete storm damage repairs
  • Provide reconstruction services

Why choose Rainy Day Restoration for water damage restoration?

Our standard carpet cleaning services includes services where other companies charge extra. We’re driven to get your property back to the way it was before the flooding. Our No. 1 requirement is to make sure you’re happy. That’s why we offer a 200% money back guarantee.

You can count on us to:

  • Respond quickly:We know timing is critical. Expect a quick and thorough assessment. Once we come up with the most efficient solution and get your approval, we dig right in.
  • Help with your insurance claims:Dealing with property damage is hard. You don’t need the stress of dealing with insurance and claims. This process is routine for us, so we can work to settle claims as quickly as possible.
  • Rely on our experience in restoring your property:We have years of experience helping homeowners and business owners with water repair and restoration. We’ve worked with every scenario.
  • Use professional-grade water restoration equipment:The hardware store rental equipment won’t get the job done properly. Our equipment extracts water quickly and thoroughly. And we verify the affected areas are completely clean and dry.